Here are some Finnish songs we translated into French, Anne and me... First of all, you will have to download Myriad plug-in in order to view the scores in your Web browser. If your computer came with a sound card half worth this name, you will be able to listen to the songs. Better still: Virtual Singer will sing them for you !

Clicking on the song's title opens the "basic" score (the melody with a piano accompaniment - this last one being sometimes replaced by an accordion or some other instrument), clicking on the word "orch." launches an "orchestrated" version (cute, isn't it?).

1. Le Canotier de grand-père
(Isoisän olkihattu) (orch.)
2. Le Troll et la Fille du soleil
(Päivänsäde ja menninkäinen) (orch.)
3. Dans le jardin de la fille du savetier
(Suutarin tyttären pihalla) (orch.)
4. Les Baies de sorbier
(Syyspihlajan alla) (orch.)
5. Mon âme est restée en Carélie
(Heili Karjalasta) (orch.)
6. Quand les bouleaux bruisseront
(Där bjorkarna susa) (orch.)
7. Sous le ciel boréal
(Rakovalkealla) (orch.)
8. Ephémère
(Väliaikainen) (orch.)

9. Mélodie d'automne
(Höstvisa) (orch.)
10. Helsinki Waltz
(Espalla kukkii rakkaus) (orch.)
11. Je ne renierais pas un jour
(En päivääkään vaihtaisi pois) (orch.)
12. Les Talons aiguilles
(Ranskalaiset korot) (orch.)
13. Rozy
(Tulipunaruusut) (orch.)
14. Rêve bleu
(Sininen uni) (orch.)
15. Par-delà les profondes forêts
(Iltatuulen viesti) (orch.)
16. Le Ver du chou

And now, two fine pieces for choir:
Vers où t'emporte l'eau (Virta venhettä vie) , after a poem by Eino Leino (1878-1926) set to music by Toivo Kuula (1883-1918).
Les Rives du Baïkal (Muistatko Baikalin rannat) , after a text from Matti Rossi set to music by Kaj Chydenius.
The small icons near a title mean that a score is available, either in Adobe PDF or in Finale 2004 format.
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