Ancestors Gallery

I had a whole genealogical database set up, with crosslinks and all those kind of things (that is, it was the software - called Heredis - which did all the work, cause I would sure as hell have been unable to do it myself), but it was so dull... Finally I think that an ancestors' gallery will do just as fine!

First, here is my grand-father boasting quite a moustache...

Fernand Carissimo (1877-1956)

Then his own father. I hate to say it, but his moustache was much more ordinary...

Florent-Ignace Carissimo (1839-1919)

Apparently, the generation before was not so fond of moustaches, but one must say that my great-great grand-father whiskers were not so bad!

Henri-Alphonse Carissimo (1813-1894)

As for their wives, they sure didn't seem in the mood to play The Merry Wives of Windsor...

Marie Delattre (1885-1934)

Julie 2
Julie du Mortier (1847-1903)

Julie 1
Julie Bertrand (1813-1874)

Louis IV
Louis IV of Bavaria (1287-1347)

As well as his second wive, Margaret of Holland, great-grand-daughter of this man :

Philippe III
Philip III of France "the Bold" (1245-1285)

Whose dad and mom were (you'll notice the lady's nice fancy hat):

Louis IX Margaret
Louis IX of France, aka Saint Louis (1214-1270) and Margaret of Provence (1221-1295)


Oh well, allright, if you really want to have a look at the database, just click here.

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