Here are the novels translated from Finnish by Anne Colin du Terrail... Since these are all translations into French, you will understand there is no English summaries and that each link points to the corresponding French page.

(cover art from all over the world for the Hare)

Le LiŤvre de Vatanen
(Jšniksen vuosi)
(DenoŽl, 1989 - Folio, 1993 -
BibliothŤque Gallimard, 2004)
Le Meunier hurlant
(Ulvova myllšri)
(DenoŽl, 1991 - Folio, 1994)
Le Fils du dieu de l'Orage
(Ukkosenjumalan poika)
(DenoŽl, 1993 - Folio, 1995)

La ForÍt des renards pendus
(Hirtettyjen kettujen metsš)
(DenoŽl, 1994 - Folio, 1996)

La Douce Empoisonneuse
(Suloinen myrkynkeittšjš)
(DenoŽl, 2001 - Feryane, gros
caractŤres, 2002 - Folio, 2003)
Petits suicides entre amis
(Hurmaava joukkoitsemurha)
(DenoŽl, 2003 - France Loisirs, 2004 - Folio, 2005)

Un homme heureux
(Onnellinen mies)
(DenoŽl, 2005 - Feryane, gros
caractŤres, 2006
- Folio, 2007)
Le Bestial Serviteur du pasteur Huuskonen
(Rovasti Huuskosen petomainen miespalvelija)
(DenoŽl, 2007)
Le Cantique de l'apocalypse joyeuse
(Maailman paras kylš)
(DenoŽl, 2008)


In 2003, Anne has been granted the Finnish Foreign Translator State Award (Valtion ulkomainen kššntšjšpalkinto):

She is happy...

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Besides, and for no charge, you can read three texts online:
Le Jardin des dťsirs, an excerpt from Anita Konkka's novel Halujen puutarha.
L'Explorateur, a short story by Jyrki Vainonen.
La nuit est un animal silencieux, a piece of poetic prose by Markus Jššskelšinen.
Plus a whole page (in english) about some Arto Paasilinna's novels.
Other websites you can browse :
The Finnish Institute in Paris
The Finnish Literature Information Centre
The Finnish Theatre Information Centre
International platform contemporary theater
Les Borťales de Normandie
La Librairie Compagnie, which offers an online catalog of Finnish authors in their French translations.


Anne has also translated from English : a lot of science-fiction short stories for the late French magazine Fiction, and parts of Se libťrer de la peur (Freedom from fear), by Aung San Suu Kyi, published in 1991 by the Editions Des Femmes. They hired several translators, because they were in a hurry : when Aung San Suu Kyi was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace, they realized that nobody had ever published anything from her in France...

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